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The Move It Swift boxing gloves are extremely comfortable thanks to their ergonomic design, which adapts perfectly to the shape of your hand, following the natural curves to protect your joints. The internal padding, built in 3 layers, protects your fingers and hands in every blow. In addition, their PU synthetic leather coating will make them last much longer.


Sensors that will detect the hit

Using advanced algorithms and a motion sensor, the Move It Swift APP shows the strength, speed and calories of each stroke in real time, although you can also check your progress throughout the workout. time. These smart boxing gloves learn your punching so the more you use them, the more accurate the data becomes. In addition, thanks to the high precision of the 6-axis gyroscope, the Move It Swift detects the type of punch (Jab, Cross, Hook or Uppercut), even if you are chaining them. They also come equipped with interactive light effects that respond to the intensity of your workout, motivating you to improve and increase your performance.

Move It Swift

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